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The MIPIDPHYA primitive should be mapped to one of the available hardened D-PHY blocks on the CrossLink device. The Spreadsheet tool maps Hard D-PHY blocks in CrossLink. Hard D-PHY signals cannot be edited in spreadsheet view. Hardened D-PHY blocks location between DPHY0 and DPHY1 can be changed by adding a LOCATE preference in the .lpf to SITE "MIPIDPHY0" or SITE "MIPIDPHY1".

The LOCATE preference is the following:

LOCATE COMP " csi2csi_inst/cmos2dphy_inst/dci_wrapper_inst/MIPIDPHYA_inst\u201D

SITE "MIPIDPHY0" ;# constraint for MIPI location.

The component name for the LOCATE preference is available in the ASIC area of the MAP report in Lattice Diamond. For details, refer to FPGA-TN-02012, CrossLink High-Speed I/O MIPI D-PHY and DDR Interfaces Technical Note or the User can go to Floor Plan View and drag the DPHY 0 to DPHY 1 and save the Floor Plan View.The constraint syntax will show up in the lpf file.